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Thread: v7.0.1.27 - can't manually convert flv anymore?

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    Default v7.0.1.27 - can't manually convert flv anymore?

    I just got prompted to upgrade to version In previous versions, I was able to convert flv files by dragging/dropping them onto the main screen, selecting them, and then hitting ALT+C, which would convert them using the settings I had in the conversion dropdown. This was very useful.

    After upgrading to version, this doesn't seem to work anymore. If I drag an flv into the window the mouse pointer changes to the circle with a slash in it cursor, and nothing happens on drop - the file simply doesn't appear in the list. After consulting the help file, I also tried importing the flv via ALT+I but that doesn't work either.

    I tested whether automatic conversion is still happening when I stream a flash vid from a site and that still seems to work as before, but the ability to manually convert a standalone flv on my computer seems to have been disabled or removed (although it's still listed as a feature in the help file). This is a pity since it's one of the many things I used RMC for. Without this I guess I'll use VLC or something but it's nice to be able to do it all in one program.

    Any ideas why this stopped working?

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    Default Re: v7.0.1.27 - can't manually convert flv anymore?

    Did you reboot your computer after installing the update? If not please see if that makes a difference. Also, we do have Replay Converter that is meant to convert files for you.

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    Default Re: v7.0.1.27 - can't manually convert flv anymore?

    Thanks for replying. I was pretty sure I'd rebooted since the upgrade but I went ahead and rebooted again just to be certain and lo and behold (eye roll), converting via drag and drop is working again :-) Thank you very much!

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