Been using Replay Music off and on since at least Replay Music 4. I really like it but one thing that continues to aggravate me is how Replay Music handles songs that also show up in like "Greatest Hits of 2014" type collections. I haven't used Replay Music in quite some time (couple years maybe?) but just wanted to use it this morning and out of the last 10 songs it has captured it has named the song correctly but for artist it puts "Various Artists" because the album it is first using is compilation type album.

For example, the song "Mama" lists Various Artists with "MegaHits 2017: Die Dritte" as the album. All the others are similar.

Can we PLEASE get an option to prefer the artist's own album name over these compilation type albums? These are just standard songs too and not like one off mixes that would only show up on maybe one of these MegaHits collections.

The tagging is no good if I have to modify over half of them to add the actual artist