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    Default Updated to, still says

    I just upgraded RMC 6 to RMC 7 and downloaded the latest version, and when the program opened I was prompted with the message that my version is outdated. So I re-downloaded version again and re-installed it, and it still shows that it's version

    I wouldn't mind much, but the song tagging is hardly working at all, and I thought maybe it would be fixed in the latest version. It virtually never tags a song correctly the first time, and when I manually click to look up tags, it takes a really long time but does end up tagging correctly.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks

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    Default Re: Updated to, still says

    We had an issue with our site but it has been handled. Please do try again and you should get the latest version. Regarding tagging please do contact tech support with details if you continue to have a problem.

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