Hi, I'm having trouble recording WNYC FM although I am able to tune to the station

Here's the entry from the guide: http://applian.com/user/rr_record_redirect?id=215

And it just hangs when I try to record, here's the log

Error connecting
Queued for downloading
Url: http://www.wnyc.org/stream/wnyc-fm939/windows.asx
File: WNYC 93-9 FM New York, NY.asf
Starting Playlist download ...
Downloading Playlist ...
Found entry https://fm939.wnyc.org/wnycfm to download
Selected entry https://fm939.wnyc.org/wnycfm
Starting HTTP download ...
File: C:\Users\David\Documents\Applian\Replay Radio\WNYC 93-9 FM New York, NY.mp3
Requesting download details ...