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Thread: Recordings erase by themselves?

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    Default Recordings erase by themselves?

    i've been using RR9 for just over a year to record a weekly broadcast from my local NPR station that comes on when I'm sleep.
    my plan was to archive them and listen when I have time.
    over the holiday, i went to listen to some and find that i cannot find them on the machine anywhere!
    i know the recordings were made because I can usually see the RR9 start recording at the correct time and see my speaker icon mute.
    also, I can see the "last recorded" program listed in the RR9 program window when I open it.
    but when i go to the media storage location, there are no files.
    yes, i checked for "hidden" files.
    i'm running windows 7OS (64bit).
    i did a test tonight by tuning in the station and hitting record now to record a few minutes.
    that seemed to work correctly and I've checked that a media file was indeed saved in the correct folder.
    I guess tomorrow, I'll do this test again and see if tonight's file disappears.
    any ideas? anybody seen anything similar?
    i never saw this in any of the previous RR versions I've used, some on this same computer and OS!


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    Default Re: Recordings erase by themselves?

    The program is not going to delete files. It does not have the ability. Once you have a file on your computer it is yours to keep and do with what you wish. Thanks.

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