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Thread: Output does not record at specified Bit Rate

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    Smile Output does not record at specified Bit Rate

    Despite setting the output to 128kbs all of my scheduled recordings continue to record at 160kbs. This requires re-converting to get it to 128kbs.

    I got Radio Replay 9 when it first came out and just recently discovered that it was set at 160kbs. This uses up more drive space and more space on my IPOD. I've always been satisfied with 128kbs so a month ago I changed the record setting from 160kbs to 128kbs.

    Why does it continue to record at 160kbs when I have set it to 128kbs? How can I fix it without having to do conversions?



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    Default Re: Output does not record at specified Bit Rate

    Are you using Direct Download? If so it records at the native bitrate and the native stream. That is out of our hands and you would need to convert it. If you are doing audio recording try and delete your schedule for the show and then add it

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    I forgot that direct capture is determined by the format and bitrate from the program and must be converted if something else is desired. THe 4 particiular programs I'm having an issue with are always 160kbs. I get them from the website of the program owner. I also record them from other sources which is usually a lower bitrate. Sometimes the program owner sends me programs I miss. They are always 160kbs. Somehow, I thought that since I could select the desired bitrate in the settings all of the programs would record at that bitrate. I now see that only applies to audio recordings [what you hear].


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