Hi all, yes I know there is a Sticky post about this, but that advice only solved common sites like You Tube, couple of private sites I am a member of, no matter what I do and Support has already been in touch in the past about this, the Video just stays in replay media catcher window and after a few mins says Error, interesting it changes the name of file from name of the site I am capturing to get song, so not sure if that is RMC or the site I am trying to capture from.

What also happens it locks up IE V11 from going anywhere until I close RMC.

This was not a problem till they bought out update after May's version, but even going back to a clean install of RMC of May's version which was 5.016

Others can check this too if they wish, as one doesn't need to be a member of this site to capture one of the free videos.