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I have now had a solution form support which seems to have fixed the issue. Here is the content of the email I received:

1) Uninstall WinPcap from the Windows Control Panel.
2) Install ApplianNM.exe from the RMC5 program directory. This will be
C:\Program Files\Applian Technologies\Replay Media Catcher 5\ApplianNM.exe
C:\Program Files (x86)\Applian Technologies\Replay Media Catcher 5\ApplianNM.exe
(Note: In my case, when going back into RMC5, I got an error saying that the network monitor was installed but not working. So I did it again, the second time choosing to uninstall and re-install).

3) Reboot and run RMC5.

Also, yes, RMC5 accomplishes downloading of HTTPS content, such as at https://www.youtube.com, by creating a proxy. When monitoring for internet downloads is turned on, the proxy setting is activated. If RMC5 is unexpectedly shutdown, the proxy setting might get left on and interfere with internet communications at the next boot cycle. You can go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Internet Options, select the Connections tab, and click the "LAN settings" button to turn off the proxy setting. This should re-enable the internet connection.

I am assuming it has been my recent manual upgrade from Windows 8 to 8.1 that caused the problems, but this has yet to be confirmed
Way too much work. It's always better [even if you bought it] to remove any program that behaves in a malware like way, and something turning on the proxy server without permission is clearly a malware-like activity. While i will miss a program I am used to in to day's world you can't keep things that behave as malware. if it looks like a duck....