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Thread: The MFC | Myfreecams thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by M202A1 View Post
    If the video is really long like 40 mins or so, set it to 40.
    I don't think this is right. If the video is normal at any size (even 200 MB or 1 GB) without fixing, put it at 15. If the video is FAST, regardless of size, set it higher. For example, if the video looks like it is playing super fast, set it towards 100 (that's the highest it can go). I've set it at anywhere between 25 to 100 before, and it fixes the speed. Making a higher interval between timestamps slows the video down. Conversely, a lower interval between timestamps speeds it up. However, since 15 is for a normal speed already, there's not much room to go below 15.

    The programmers of this app should also consider increasing the maximum limit between timestamps above 100. I think 1000 (or 10000 possibly) would be more appropriate (for experienced users). With mfc, sometimes the larger size videos get all messed up and you need a much larger interval (occasionally 100 is not enough). If you look at the existing interval without fixing yet, the values are much higher than 100. If the programmers practiced with mfc as much as I have, they would find the same thing.

    By the way, I like RMC4 much better than RMC5 currently, so fix those bugs and I may switch. Even the latest version currently ( has problems and I still hate the video player that comes with it (which seems a lot like vlc player with a different interface). Let me use the old applian video player from RMC4 and I can fix the videos much better.

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    What setting do I need to change to make sure it names the file the correct name of the performer and not from other windows that are open?

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