Hi, guys

As you can see RMC/RAV does not capture videos being played on Joost.

How to Download/Capture Joost

And, Applian recommends trying Replay Video Capture for this site which is cool.
Now, I do use other apps (I don't restrain my self to one program)
I do use other forums and, the questions to my answers were rather interesting.
I asked does your program support downloading Videos of Joost.

Answer: "Yes. Our programs will capture videos of Joost website. If you are having any issues, please provide us a link to test to provide a update ASAP. Thank you!"

Question: Does Joost use encrypted streaming protocols?

Answer: "We can not make our information public on how we capture of the Joost website and many others. Our software will detect there streams and,
That's why you will notice a video capture window with the following .mp4
video file extension (QuickTime MPEG-4) ."

Question: Does your program support hulu.com?

Answer: "No. At this present time, we do not support capturing from Hulu site for legal reasons, due to copyright Full TV shows and, movies. You can give http://www.applian.com programs a try...they claim to support it. ...if you have any more questions please don't hesitate to ask."