I have Applian FLV Player installed on my Win7 machine, and tried to install it on my XP machine. Every link I can find to download what claims to be the latest version installs in a folder named "Program Files/Applian Technologies/Applian FLV and Media Player". My older installation is in folder "Program Files/Applian Technologies/FLV and Media Player", and now on my Win7 machine I have both installed. I simply copied the folder over to my XP machine, and now that machine runs both just fine.
Since I prefer to, how can I get that newer version as a download? I have Googled it to death to find a source for the newer version, but all end up installing the older version. And if you don't read EVERY LINE of the various installer package screens, you will pollute your system with tons of stuff that is very difficult to undo; fortunately, I've been around long enough to know better!
It seems to me, since IS the latest, and better version, that would be easier to find.
I have to support quite a few other people (and their machines), and would like them to be able to go to Applian for installation, instead of me having to send them a copy of my setup accompanied by a small PowerShell script for them to install it.