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Thread: Where is the Freecorder Toolbar?

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    Default Where is the Freecorder Toolbar?

    I love Freecorder but can not put in on my new Laptop.
    It is a Sony Vaio running Wimdows 8 and IE10.
    I downloaded and installed Freecorder but can not see it anywhere...On IE10, or Chrome.
    If I look in the "Manage Add Ons" in IE10 I can see that Freecorder is enabled but under a "Not verified" heading.
    How can I get to see this toolbar and so use Freecorder....or can I run Freecorder somehow else?

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    Default Re: Where is the Freecorder Toolbar?

    Please go to http://www.freecorder.com for assistance regarding this. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Where is the Freecorder Toolbar?

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