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Thread: Convertor appears to stop at "Authoring"

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    Default Convertor appears to stop at "Authoring"

    Been using Replay Convertor for awhile and it worked fine. Mostly videos in flv or mp4 from youtube, converted and burned to DVD (NTSC)
    Then my mother used it to burn pics and movies to DVD to mail out (she could have just burned them.. but I don't think she realized that).

    Anyway, before that - everything worked. And now - it doesn't work.

    Select an mp4, select Burn to DVD, select NTSC.
    It does the conversion, seemingly without problem (and log says it is complete, it's the last line)
    Then, the "Authoring" dialog box appears - and just sits there. No progress.

    Any suggestions/ideas?


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    Default Re: Convertor appears to stop at "Authoring"

    Try a different file to see if it works for you. It could be just the file itself. If you continue to have an issue write tech support and include details and a log file.

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