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Thread: Fast Video Downloader 4.2.3 seems bugged

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    Question Fast Video Downloader 4.2.3 seems bugged

    I used to use Freecorder to download video content from the internet, but since Firefox has kept updating their browser, it no longer will work. So, I got another video download application from Applian called Fast Video Downloader 4.2.3, but I have noticed some alarming issues with this application, and I am here to see if anyone else uses this software, and has experienced these problems as well. The main thing I have noticed is the trend that it only records audio from a video, and not the video. I am trying to get the video to watch, not something to listen to. This seems to happen to when a number of videos are being recorded at once, and it kind of irks me. Does anyone know what is happening here??

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    Default Re: Fast Video Downloader 4.2.3 seems bugged

    Fast Video Downloader has not been made available or supported in years - if you're having an issue with freecorder, however- please submit a ticket via

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    Jeff Lenney
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    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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