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Thread: Is Tech Support On Vacation ???

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    Angry Is Tech Support On Vacation ???

    I have not heard from you guys in over 10 days now, Please Help Me !!!
    Ticket ID: EA9854
    Department: DEV-Webmaster
    Created: 25 November 2008 12:38
    Status: Open
    Subject: Ticket # 1F020E
    Paul Carroccia
    Date: 25 November 2008 12:38

    I have not recieved a reply about ticket #1F020E for a while now.
    Whats up?
    Ticket ID: 1F020E
    Department: Replay A/V Technical Support
    Created: 17 November 2008 19:24
    Status: Open
    Subject: Re: Replay AV Custom Conversion
    Paul Carroccia
    Date: 22 November 2008 07:04

    You didn't forget about me ... did you?
    Cheryl Wester - Staff
    Date: 19 November 2008 05:50

    I'm going to send this to the next level.
    summary: trying to do a custom conversion-details in ticket.
    Will not work.
    If uses command line it does work.

    Best Regards,
    Cheryl Wester
    Applian Technologies, Inc.

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    You have not been forgotten. It is the holiday weekend and some people may be out. Rest assured you will be answered. Sorry for any delay.

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    Default Re: Is Tech Support On Vacation ???

    Fed Up With Applian's Tech Support Mechanism ?


    How many of you are fed up to here with the way Applian conducts it's tech support ?

    How many of you have had problems with Replay AV and have had to email back and for eternity to try to get something solved that other companies would handle over the phone in under 24 hrs if not sooner ?

    How many of you have experienced the frustration of asking questions to these gals only to have them ignore your questions ( especially if you ask them more than 1 at a time ) ?

    Applian comes off with having such a good suite of software however after more than a year they can't seem to get it right especialy with Vista.

    Other companues have worked through or with Microsoft to solve their compatability issues. Not so with Applian. Guess this is why they shield themselves from us. Only through mountains of emails on a daily basis for weeks or even months for some unfortunate buyers... and it goes on and on and on .
    Great example of how not to run a company....They spend more time emailing the users than they do solving the problems. ....If they even have someone on staff who actually knows the softwre....let alone the word " source Code" .

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    Default Re: Is Tech Support On Vacation ???

    If you are having a specific issue with a program you should just state what the problem is rather than ranting about support in general. If you've read our Customer Service testimonials than you know most people are impressed by the support that we offer and the timely manner in which we do so. I have deleted all of your other posts. It is no different than spamming to duplicate a post over and over in every section. Also a waste of time since you never did state the issue you are having with the program.

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