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10-30-2012, 06:33 AM
I have used the freecorder for quite sometimes, but just till recently it gives a huge load of problems.

Apparently the software and the website are both.. very confusing and clearly very hard to be applied. I would just put an example of this website. Due to the problem I have encountered when using your freecorder, I found a link in google, which is below:


It leads me to a page looks the same as this forum site, but somehow something crippy happens. For example, from the site you could see this:
Applian Technologies Software
Freecorder Toolbar

But when you click on the "Applian Technologies Software", you would not be able to find any "Freecorder Toolbar" Thread on the forum.
The forum is completely... How to say, vanished from the existence of any freecorder threads. There is no discussions about it, no visible thread available, no solutions for all the massive problems it has created for the massive users. But how could that be, Freecorder is one of your product and it isn't been shown on your forum at all.

Then this is another crippy thing I had found from your freecorder 7. It never happen before in the past but it happens now. When I downloaded your program, there is no any shortcuts been placed on the desktop, and the link on the start menu are an outdated shortcut - the one which lead to the previous version but had it uninstalled, your installer just didn't remove it at all.

Then I have to manually search for, which exactly the directory is it the freecorder 7 had been installed to, and try to activate its exe file. Finally yes, I found one, and when I click on it, pop up my anti virus, indicating that "this freecorder application is trying to act as a server".

This is really crippy, all we need is a simple program that would help to record any streaming video on net, just something simply like that, why would your program offer to act as a server from our computers?

The program then indicate that, we need to install another program in the folder, called WinPCap, if its a program really necessary for video capturing to happen, why wouldn't it be included automatically in the installation program?

After that is about the firefox browser, why the freecorder toolbar isn't appearing on the browser as it is said? IE is fine but... firefox is.. lol, always a lot of bugs about firefox. What would be the best browser that actually suit to your program, at least inform us about that please too.

Finally is, I have totally "get scared" from using Freecorder. It just produce so much unstabilities and unknown bugs that scares users away. The program itself, for example like this:

1. when I found out the older version didn't work out, I spent a lot of time survey the net, and it says something about real player. I installed it, it work out fine, but it only function for one day.

2. then I spent a lot of time again, I found out there is a new version in your homepage, I upgrade it, and it work out fine again, but guess what, it only function for one day too.

3. then I spent a lot of time survey again, oh.. I haven't installed the flv player as recommended. I installed your product again, it works out fine, omg guess what, it only function for one day as well.

4. finally today, I spent a lot of time trying a lot of ways, I guess the older version and newer version are all.. messed up really really bad, as I could find there are multiple installation version of freecorder on the program features in control panel (which usually you don't see that happen, newer version just remove older version and replace it for most software), I removed them one by one, and installed a newly, fresh version of Freecorder 7, hoping it could work out fine now, but then, it can't again. In fact, the download procedure is kind of different from the first time I installed it.

What I assume here is, there are probably something left over unclean when the installation took place. That's why when I made any new changes (the above 1,2,3,4) the corder works out fine, then after a restart of pc, it went down again.

The way how you have your software installed in our computers are not quite clear and understood, and not just me, I had found numerous kind of threads regarding other of your products.

What I would suggest here is, when user install something, let's make it clear and understood. When its uninstalled, let's make it real clean for everything. When there is an upgrade, let's separate it from as a different program and let the installation been done individually.

Don't just simply add in and remove partially something and in the end from the long time user who had been using your program, older versions, when keep updating the newer versions one, there are tons of bugs and problem arised. Something haven't been clear completely enough, left a shortcut, a folder, a something else, like that.

And when installation happen, no shortcuts, nothing, and I have even done the upgrade that "direct" me to the version of "freecorder 2.3" lol? That's something you left over in my pc here (one of the common bug that most users have posted, that they couldn't remove the freecorder 2.3 in their control panel, same as me too), that's why it refer me to 2.3 version.

Don't do that.. just remove everything completely and neatly and let the new version installation or upgrading comes in cleanly. When using your program freecorder it really gives me a lot of headache, and finally is, there isn't any freecorder thread of section at all in your forum. No places for discussions or solutions, now my pc is messed up with the leftover installations of the previous or newer versions of freecorders, yet I couldn't use the software totally at all.

Cheryl Wester
10-30-2012, 04:50 PM
We appreciate your concerns. Please do go to http://www.freecorder.com for assistance with this program.