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10-30-2008, 03:39 PM
Replay Converter 3.12 .AVI (CODEC. NOT Supported)

Okay, I have decided to use Replay Converter 3.12 to convert files...(Because its faster)...
only problem is: none of my DIVX Certified DVD players play the files on a DATA-DVD created with RC 3.12 :mad: Now, RC 2.8 does not have this problem only the 3.12 does :( I have tried all .AVI codecs e.g. AVI(MPEG-4) (any Quality)
and, AVI(XviD)(any Quality) and, AVI (.h264)(any quality)...
All .avi files mentioned above will not play on any DVD player that supports DIVX files so, please advise!

10-30-2008, 09:29 PM
I agree this may be a problem for those with DivX hardware.

Something about the watermark in the conversion to Xvid while using the demo is a problem. Those will not play. All that's seen on a screen is one horizontal line across the center. The video moves. It's like looking at the screen through a slit in a piece of paper. Similar experience?

All the MPEG-4 profiles' conversion work OK in the demo in terms of creating a compatible video stream. However, the end user must use something like AVI FourCC Code Changer (http://www.inmatrix.com/files/avic_download.shtml) to change the default FourCC code from FMP4, to xvid, or what I prefer as universal for MPEG-4 ASP DX50.

I have a few DivX Certified hardware devices and none like the FMP4 FourCC. All throw a "video codec not supported" error when encountered. OTOH, just changing those four bytes fixes some videos.