View Full Version : Upgraded, questions about burning

10-25-2008, 12:21 PM
I am happy I upgraded, the new version converts faster and in much better quality, but my boyfriend was really interested in the burning ability since he wants everything to be one-click easy. Problem is, we took a directory of mp3s and burned them using Replay Converter to a data cd, but none of the file names were burned properly - it seems that it took only the first eight characters along with dashes, so the cd is pretty useless to him since he can't identify any of the song titles of the mp3s. He did not use Replay originally to convert these mp3s, he already had them from another program, is this why Replay Converter did not burn the filenames correctly?:confused: It seems odd as any other burning app will burn them to a data cd with no loss or conversion of the file names.