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07-13-2012, 05:07 PM
Thanx all for your time, I got a wonderful fast answer from Tech Support...
This is what is known as a false positive. If you wish you are able to install the individual programs from the download page.
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Cheryl Wester
Applian Technologies, Inc.

======= Answered... = ) ====================
I couldn't find this on a search of the forums, so wanted to check. :eek:
I was trying to install a newer copy of my Replay Capture Suite. When I ran the RCSSetup program, my virus software is reporting that IRSetup.exe at (users\xxx\appdata\local\temp\_ir_sf_temp_0\irsetu p.exe) is malware. I am wondering if this is truely malware, or if it is a false positive. What I can see on the WWW, there is possibly a malware called IRSetup.exe

I am guessing it is IRSetup "actions" that my virus checker doesn't seem to like, and it does seem that IRSetup is a program that is packaged with the RCSSetup (and it was downloaded from the applian site). So is it safe to "release" the IRSetup from the virus vault and let this version (from applian.com) of IRSetup run on my machine?
Thanx so much

Jeff Lenney
07-16-2012, 11:42 PM
Our pleasure Al :-)