View Full Version : Is there a portable mp3 player with speed control?

10-22-2008, 09:48 AM
Most of the shows and podcasts I listen to are voice or talk programs (public radio, talk radio, etc). After I record shows or podcasts using Replay AV, or Media Catcher, I have been listening to them using Windows Media Player (or Replay Player) using its Speed Control feature which lets me play the show or podcast at faster speeds without the "chipmunk effect."

Question: Is there a portable mp3 player with this feature. Apparently Ipod Nano has it for audio books but not for podcasts. I can record shows and podcasts in Replay AV which will convert the records to Apple's audio book format, but many if I record from a Web browser Flash player (like NPR uses), I have to record and convert each program segment manually (which gets to be a hassle). What I'd like is an mp3 player with variable speed control (and a bookmark feature so I can some back to a program or podcast). Is there such a thing?


05-24-2009, 07:09 AM
Try the IAudio U2 by Cowon. The feature is buried in the settings menus, but it's there. It's also one of the few MP3 players that will resume playing a whow that was playing when the unit is turned off. No need to find your place when the unit is truned on.