View Full Version : Songs getting overwritten

03-27-2012, 06:23 PM
I noticed that I can not record multiple "best of" or "greatest hits" style albums from the same artist in the same session. It appears that each song is tagged as the individual albums the songs came from and not from the compilation that is currently playing. The problem arises that a lot of times different compilations will have the same song on them as they are some of the artist's more popular songs. Some times the version of the song might also be slightly different on each compilation.

When replay music records the song it tags the file names with the artist, album, track info. There is no other recorded time, replay track id, or unique variable it includes. Is there a way to provide some type of unique field to the name tagging? Or even at the very least the ability when it tries to record and save a new song with the same song title as one that already exists it does not overwrite the old one? Maybe just append a (2) to the end of the file name?