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10-13-2008, 09:05 AM
Hi all,

I captured a massive file from Alice Radio we radio. It captured no problem, creating a file called KLLCFM. I stop and save and the file does not have an extension. I give it an extension of .mp3 and the sound does not play correctly.

Any idea what extension would make it play?

Try it yourself - just click on "listen live" on the left:


10-14-2008, 12:34 AM
Try rename it to
and open it in Flash Video Player. That worked for me.

FWIW. Looks like an FLV file with MP3 stream and no video. Misc details, someone may recognize the format...

Pragma: no-cache
Content-Length: 2000000000
Content-Type: application/flv

parameters.......Album..!Album Name: Name..Title...Title..Artist..Artist
Time...200..Label.....IMGURL..http : //images..ad

Edit: FLV Extract cleans it up into a playable MP3.

11-04-2008, 01:18 PM
Good evening, seems that RMC does not catch Aol Radio anymore on the "Play it" Aol/Cbs player.
Worked great until a few days ago.
They are .M4A files.
Anyone having the same problem ?

Thank you.

11-04-2008, 01:49 PM
I Decided to look into this and, here is the results:
RMC works perfectly fine on AOL Music.
RMC works perfectly fine Radio Alice.
RMC works perfectly fine on CBS.com.

Now, Play.it Radio requires some setting changes: Go to RMC and, click on "Tools">"Settings"> Untick Capture HTTP Media Streams & tick on Web Stream Dumper. click on close...then when done capturing from that site revert to normal settings. BTW, Play.it site streams in m4a file format...use QuickTime Player to listen to the songs.

Kind Regards.

11-05-2008, 12:47 PM
Hello, thank you so much; it works !!

They must have changed their way of streaming, and it's getting harder and
harder to rip, it's sad because Aol Radio is one of the best radio services around.
Some weeks ago they were sending perfectly tagged 128kb mp3 files, then
replaced it by untagged 64kb m4a's, but RMC catched them without using the
stream dumper (i tagged them later with the Winamp Gracenote plugin).
Thanks to your kind help i'm able again to record but there's a little problem, when surfing while listening to the music, RMC catches just everything and it's
a pain in the a** to be obliged to delete all that stuff at the end of the session.

Thanks again for your help.