View Full Version : Problems with Sirius xm streamer and XM tuner

Mad Llama 01
03-17-2012, 02:30 PM
All right I have scoured forums but I haven't found an answer to my problem.

I cannot stream sirius xm stars too channel 104 (and some others) with either sirius xm streamer (www.permanence.com/sirius/) or with XM tuner (www.xmtuner.net/)

When I use SXM streamer, I log in fine and all channels on the "XM tab" work fine. No channels on the Sirius tab will work ("exception from Hresult: 0xC00D1198") I'm not great with computers but I guess I don't understand why channels on one tab work and channels on the other do not.

Likewise, with XMt when switching to Sirius XM Stars too 104, I receive an error message that effectively states that the stream could not be retrieved.

Also station tuning with RAV to the channel does not work either. On selecting tune to station the screen for the Sirius XM login will pop up but will close on its own...no stream....

I use windows 7, 64bit system, I am connected through a router.

If you have had this problem and are responding, please say that you have had this problem in your response. I appreciate all help but at this point I need some kind of result, not only best guesses. Maybe I am the only one...if so, then so be it..no luck.