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10-31-2011, 09:31 AM
Hi there,

Something has happened to Replay AV 8.83 since Friday. I have it set to record two BBC Radio 1 shows live (at this link http://bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r1.asx) every week day. However, today it is not connecting. It retries a few times and then gives up. I have tried the link in VLC player and it connects fine. I tried the BBC 6music live link I have and it is fine in Replay AV.

Also the link for Chris Moyles in media guide is also showing the same problem.

I was wondering if anyone else was having this problem? Should I contact tech support?

Thanks in advance

UPDATE 11/01/11:

Working with Tech Support on the issue. I've found, so far, that the BBC Radio 1 link, above, is the only BBC live stream .asx file that is having this problem, that I've tested. I've tried live stream capture of the following BBC radio stations without issue. Here are the links if someone could confirm my problem: -

BBC Radio 1Xtra - http://bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r1x.asx
BBC Radio 2 - http://bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r2.asx
BBC 6Music - http://bbc.co.uk/radio/listen/live/r6.asx

UPDATE 11/01/11 (again):

Everything seems to be working again!! Happy days!! Thanks to Tom and Cheryl in tech support for their help!!

Cheryl Wester
11-01-2011, 07:29 PM
Some of the links have changed and we have been updating as we find them. Thanks.