View Full Version : How to record Esporte Interativo live stream?

10-06-2011, 07:09 AM
I tried to use Replay AV / Replay Media Catcher 4 to record the live stream from Esporte Interativo, a brazilian sports FTA TV.

The link is http://www.esporteinterativo.com.br/aovivo

Using Replay AV 8, i think the stream is not detected. Only 2 links i think could be but i'm not sure.

Using Replay Media Catcher 4 the following error showed:

The following media was detected as secure media:
You can't make a secure media download
but this will record on your page while being utilized.

I'm a first-time user of both programs, i costumed use WM Recorder to record webradios, so i migrated to Replay AV and now i'm trying to use Replay Media Catcher 4 to record live video streams.

A thing strange... Before i post this topic, when this error happened the video streming don't worked, stop when the error showed. But now, with the error happening, the streaming records if i leave the streaming site working. If i close it, the record auto-close too. But be a valid archive.

So... It's like this how the program works with this site or have some mean i could record the streaming without have to watch at the same time?

So how can i record Esporte Interativo stream?