10-04-2011, 04:56 AM
Dear everyone, Jeff Lenney from Tech Support, Administrators and Moderators

First of all before Jeff Lenney from Tech Support jumps right at me and directs me to 'PROPER UNINSTALLATION" in FAQ page. Let me not waste his time by making it clear that I've already done that over 10 times.

So please don't direct me back to the FAQ page and actually spend some time reading my post.
This isn't a novel problem. Many users have complained about this very problem too. Just do a search in the General Discussions Forum

I have taken EVERY step possible to remove/uninstall/delete everything to do with this program and especially the toolbar that just won't quit! It is sitting on my Firefox browser!! FYI, the FlvSrvc.exe is also gone.

Both programs: Freecorder 4 and Toolbar are uninstalled and they are not in my system anymore, however the toolbar is still there!

My system is Windows 7 and i use Firefox.
The toolbar version is
Freecorder 4

I am normally a patient guy but this is really testing my tolerance limit as I've tried my best to reach for tech support and all I get from Jeff Lenney is a link to FAQ.

Please spend some real time reading people's problems and actually trying to solve them. We are your customers. This is doing a real disservice to customers by not properly helping them to resolve their problems proactively and with diligence. If you know that your program has a fundamental error or is flawed in the uninstall.exe of the Toolbar, it should have NEVER been released to the public and I would even go as far as suggesting that it's illegal for a company to deliberately come up with a product that can not be uninstalled.

I seriously hope that someone responsible from this company will come up with answers to get rid of the toolbar once and for all.

All I want is simply for the toolbar and everything to do with the program to disappear permanently from my system. That is all I ask. Is that too much to ask?