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10-02-2008, 05:47 PM
EDIT: Posted in the wrong forum, but I had questions for the converter too.

When I finish catching a video, the whole thing plays normal. Occasionally, after converting, the .avi will play normal for a while, then fast forward later on and finish the rest of the video with sound only. Is there a reason why the .flv is fine, and it only messes up when converted?

Jeff Lenney
10-03-2008, 10:11 AM
Hi Nurse,

That is quite strange, to say the least. Can you do me a favor please and submit a ticket to support and attach your log file as well?
Here are some instructions if you should need help in locating the log:


Oh, if you're using Converter 3.0+, you can click on optinos to find the log file, then save it into a notepad or word document and attach it.

Thanks in advance. :)