View Full Version : Replay Converter and Nero

09-29-2008, 11:13 PM
I had a problem after installing Replay Converter. Nero would not even load my video files to convert them. I uninstalled Replay and everything is working fine now.

09-30-2008, 12:23 PM
I'm glad Replay Converter uninstalled so cleanly.

It's difficult to mix any application with Nero. Even Nero Burning ROM, needed only for burning CD's or DVD's, installs software that makes itself the priority decoder for countless types of video formats. It's frustrating to purchase quality software video and audio decoders only to find Nero stand in their way. It's called codec hell. Similar to the past nightmare DLL hell.

I would avoid Nero completely and seek out other solutions for whatever tasks you use it. Nothing in the Nero suite is best at what it can do. Most Nero applications are far from the top in their categories.

Nero's main strength is installing an incredibly bloated pile of software and making it difficult for the user to try any alternative. (As you have just found out to be true.)