View Full Version : Error when recording from MOG - Songs being split in two the split files overwriting eachother

03-11-2011, 01:11 PM
I love replay music so far, however I am running into a problem with certain songs I am recording. I was able to improved my tagging performance greatly by using a "tag with template" of:

"%T by %A -"
since MOG displays this on the browser bar.

However now I am running into the following problem. Sometimes a song has silence in the song during a transition...And the file is being split into two. No big deal, however since It is able to tag all the songs easily by using the template, the second part of the song is overwriting the first part on the harddrive. This leads to a "cannot find track" error. If I do not use the template tag, this is no problem as the file is saved sequentially and i can join them later.

Essentially, a song with silence in it is split into two and the second part overwrites the first since they are both tagged using the "tag with template" coming from the browser bar.

Ive played with the milliseconds between tracks however it still will split certain songs into two.

I think an easy solution would be to not allow overwrites and/or write the file with a number sequence, i.e. "-2" and "-3" so songs are not overwritten.

Otherwise, using this tag template has really improved my experience.


05-24-2011, 07:11 PM
The thing I like about MOG is the relatively long period of time between tracks. Try increasing the time between tracks...over 500 miliseconds. And lower the volume cut-off level.