View Full Version : Burning a CD from D/L Show: Burnt CD doesn't play in my car CD player

01-08-2011, 04:25 AM
I D/L a radio program with Replay A/V. It plays fine on my computer via Windows Media Player. I then burned it to a CD using the "burn to CD option" in the Convert/Transfer so I can play it in my car radio/CD player using the . After I burned it, I tested it in my car and it played fine. The CD also played fine in my computer although WIndows Media Player openned to play it.

I then attempted to make another CD of the same recording to give to my friend and although I could burn it to a CD via Windows Media Player (which played fine on my computer) THis recording did not play on my car radio/CD player. I now can not burn another 3rd CD with the Convert/Transfer option in Replay A/V.

Any thoughts? Do I have to burn the CD directly from the station radio program stream? Or can I burn a CD from my "saved" copy on my computer?

I dont know how I managed to burn the 1st CD but now can't make additional CDs.

01-08-2011, 11:09 AM
Was the first copy set to burn the CD automatically after recording, or did you manually select the file and burn the CD? Under the convert/transfer menu, mine says "Burn Audio CD (WAV files only)". So I guess you'd have to convert the saved file to WAV format. You might have burned a data CD with that second CD that won't play on some older CD players.