View Full Version : flv audio to mp3

09-12-2008, 10:12 AM
I tried converting flv audio to mp3 but didn't work. Any suggestions?

Jeff Lenney
09-13-2008, 11:42 PM
Hi Chicago :-)

What version of Replay Converter are you currently using? You can determine this by clicking on the small + shaped icon on the top LEFT of Replay Converter's main screen.

If you are using 2.80 or older, we do have a new version of the converter available, 3.0

Please give it a download and try it.

1) UNINSTALL the old Replay Converter
3) INSTALL the new Replay Converter

This will avoid a lot of potential problems if you follow these simple steps!


If you upgrade to 3.0 and this does not fix your issue, please submit a ticket to support with your Replay Converter log file. Also, if you ALREADY have 3.0, please submit a ticket to support with your log file as well.

The log file will show us all your activity for the day/session and allow us to see exactly what is happening, and hopefully help resolve your issue as well. :-)

Your Replay Converter log file is named ReplayConverterLOG.log. If you installed the stand-alone version of Replay Converter, the file will be found within the directory that Replay Converter is installed.

Usually, Replay Converter is located in C:/program files/Replay Converter 3

Please attach ReplayConverterLog.log to your support ticket.