View Full Version : How to use Replay Music to record from Pandora: Music not detected? [problem SOLVED]

07-29-2010, 04:34 PM

I have tried Replay Music with Winamp Radio streaming and it works.

However, when I open Replay Music and than Proceed to use windows exporer to open Pandora to play the music, Replay Music software does not seem to detect any music streaming. The single sound bar in the Replay Music window does not show any active music being streamed.

In fact, no matter what streaming radio website I opened, I cannot get Replay Music to work. So far, it only works when I use the Winmap music player to open shoutcast streaming site. I click the start recording button, and when I click the 'Open Website to Record' button and select the website from a listing on Replay's website, and click 'OK' on the Replay Music window, I do not see any sound being detected on the Replay Music level window even when I hear the streaming music from the selected Website.

Please help. Thanks.:)

2nd Update:

I finally got it to work :)
You will have to click the 'Open Website to Record' button AND USE that opened browser window to navigate to the site. But just prior to that you have to click the 'OK' button.