View Full Version : Suggestion for Replay Music: DEFAULT folder.

09-02-2008, 08:55 AM
When clicking the "Start Recording" button a pop-up comes up with details about the recording session. Here it allows you to put in additional folder structure info beyond what you have set in the settings area.

Doing this is not "user friendly" in that if you have several different folders you must memorize the entire folder structure because this must be TYPED in.

My suggestion is to make the folder info under "Settings" be the DEFAULT folder. When you click "Start Recording" and the pop-up comes up this folder path is automatically input with a "BROWSE" button next to it for the user to easily be able to change where the songs for the recording session will go or start at.

Example: If I have my default folder set to "D:\Music\Streamed" I might also have 20 folders under that for all my different types of streamed music and sometimes maybe even a few folders deep. Currently I have to go into Windows Explorer and copy-n-paste from the address bar the rest of the path to ensure I get it right. I'd really like to be able to just click a simple browse button that will pull up a folder listing. This is very common and in nearly all other programs that are located on my computer... Replay Music is the only program I can think of that I have to "know" the path as it doesn't give me the option to "find" it.

Hope that makes sense :)