View Full Version : Universal Audio Driver Cures Choppy Recording on New System

02-11-2010, 07:18 AM
After a lunchtimes investigation I have found a solution to a problem I was having with video playback becomming choppy on my new desktop when RVC was launched, but before recording was actually started. I haven't seen any other posts with this problem so I thought I'd put this one up for future reference.

I have been using RVC on my old Sony A217M laptop without a problem (1.6Ghz centrino single core with 2GB ram). The laptop is 5 years old now, but as long as I keep the video window down to 480x320 pixels it will capture a usable video in MPEG2 format.

I now have moved to a shiny new Dell Optiplex 960 desktop with an Intel Core2 Duo E8400 @ 3.0Ghz, 4GB Ram and a NVidia Quadro FX1700 GPU connected to the internet router through a 1Ghz LAN. RVC is behaving strangely on this system. Here is a typical scenario.

1. Start playing a video on Youtube - Playback is smooth CPU loaded about 3%.

2. Launch RVC - Playback becomes choppy. This is before a capture area has been selected or the record button pressed. The stop/start is occuring very regularly about once a second. The CPU load drops slightly to 2%
3. Close RVC - Playback becomes smooth again.

I have tried IE, Firefox and Google Chrome and all have the same problem.

As a test I tried capturing local video playing in VLC and Quicktime. On these the video continued OK but in Quicktime the sound became choppy and on VLC it kept repeating a short loop of sound.

This led me to believe the problem was caused by a conflict between the audio drivers. Disabling audio capture had no effect, but enabling the Universal Audio Driver did. I ran a quick test and the recording was fine.

The RVC FAQ/Troubleshooting guide mentions that "On some PC's, only the Universal Audio Driver will work", but it doesn't link it as a cure for these symptoms.

Thanks for the great software. I have purchased the complete capture suite and with this problem solved I can now save any audio/video I need.

Cheryl Wester
02-13-2010, 03:50 PM
Thanks for the feedback. Also, for your reference, the ideal program to capture YouTube with is Replay Media Catcher. Since you have the suite you might want to give that a try.