View Full Version : Freecorder 4 has lost some of the use-ability that Freecorder 3 had

B3 Burner
02-01-2010, 12:54 AM
When I recently downloaded Freecorder 4, it had some nice features that 3 didn't have. Like seamless audio and video recording off of YouTube...a very nice feature.

However, in doing so, the company managed to strip away some functionality I really miss from version 3.

Like microphone recording. How nice it was to be able to record from the mic input of my soundcard and control the record volume via the amplifier feature, the device format, the test record button, and I had my choice of output formats in either MP3 or WAV. All this came with the free version.

Version 4 takes on more web content, but does so with less feature choices. I record youtube for fun, but I also do mic recordings for school related projects, and 4 won't allow me to do that.

Unfortunately, I just spent the past 2 hours uninstalling Firefox 3.6 and reverting back to old Firefox 3.5, just so I could uninstall Freecorder 4.0 and reinstall Freecorder 3.0 !!!-- All because FC 3.0 won't work with FF 3.6 !!!

And all this because the microphone input record feature was taken away.

Might I suggest that when you add new userability, please keep the old user setting menus I was familiar with.

Freecorder 3.0's settings menu is very user-friendly, and lets me do quite a bit:


Whereas the 4.0 setting menu is pretty sparse and limited:


I later realized that while I was sufficiently descriptive about the problem, I never followed it with a constructive question. So here it is:

Are there plans in the works to tweak the Freecorder 4.0 Toolbar, so that recording can include that from an input microphone? It seems as though Applian Team has all the other bases covered, but is missing only that one detail. That would be great if it could be done. So far my computer isn't liking that I reverted Firefox 3.6 back to 3.5. To run FF 3.6 and FC 4.0 and still get microphone recording capability would be the best case scenario, if you guys could make it happen.