View Full Version : Suggestion to improve on Replay A/V

08-18-2008, 05:32 AM
This app is very good but, can use some more options like: when you launch replay AV and go to "Record" then "Stream-Capture Video or audio clips" this is the pain in the *** problem you have to wait...untill show cached audio/video do its thing like wait for the Recent Audio/Video URLs to show up...there should be an option for it to uncheck the shoe cached audio/video box somewhere in the GUI...that would speed up things.
Another good option would be to download the videos/audio files with out the need to put them in folder option would be nice because, I usually delete those folders anyway. Hope this helps :) Also, would help if when in chosing the right format like "AVI - 450 is chosen that option would remain there the next time. Like remember the output format settings.