View Full Version : Very muffled sound capturing PowerPoint

01-20-2010, 04:26 PM
I am trying to capture a MS 2003 Powerpoint. Sound quality is good during the capture, the volume level is up on the RVC control panel but on playback the sound is very muffled. Any suggestions? Thanx - Steve

Cheryl Wester
01-21-2010, 08:18 PM
To get the best quality video with Replay Video Capture
1. Go to Settings, and make sure you are using the MPEG-2 video format. Also, you may want to click on "Recommended Settings" at the top and select the most fitting option according to your pc configuration.
2. Try recording from a smaller video window by resizing your player to 1/4 of your screen, or no more than 480x640 pixels. This won't affect the video quality (since video is scaled UP from smaller sizes to fit a full-screen picture). This will require less computer power to capture, which will make for smoother videos.