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08-17-2008, 04:12 PM
Hi all,

I purchased the RMC Suite a month ago, and downloaded the RMC 2.x program (before the beta was officially released), and encountered a problem where it failed to record live streams beyond 1.5MB. I downloaded the beta, and everything worked fine thereafter.

Since then, though, my computer had crashed (actually VMware Fusion encountered disk corruption as a result of an improper shut-down) and I had to reinstall Windows XP Home from scratch, along with the latest version of RMC (which is now out of beta). Now I'm back at the same problem as before! RMC stops recording live streams after 1.5MB, and unfortunately the beta doesn't fix it. I recorded from the same source before, but not now.

The live stream in question was this:


As an aside, the registration process for RMC seems screwy: e.g. why are there different codes depending on if purchased ala carte or as a package? I enter the code(s) on the "enter activation code" tab, and the program says "thanks for registering" for either one, but it offers the option to "continue in demo mode"? What the hay? Why would ANY user register a product, just so they could still use it in demo mode? Any good explanation why that should even be an option, unless the program needs to be rebooted to install the permissions? IF so, perhaps it would be nice to SAY so.

Also, why offer the "go to registration page" option? When I entered the code earlier on the page, am I actually registering the program, or am I not? I hope so, as the "go to registration page" seems to be a vestige from an earlier time when such a page actually existed: it now goes nowhere that allows the user to enter the code..... Hmmm.....

Andy Heinlein
08-18-2008, 10:33 AM
Live streams are hit or miss.. Sometimes you can record them all the way through, sometimes not. I am working on these streams every day. Each live stream is different from the other as far as the sequence of commands needed to actually get the media. Some use different request methods than the others.. some use totally different methods than all the rest. I will try to get UStream working 100%.

On sites where the data is static (for example, hulu.com (http://www.hulu.com)) Media Catcher has no problems.

As far as the registration key, are you saying that after you register, the registration screen reappears?

Once you enter in the key, then hit enter or click "enter code" a message should pop up and say "thanks for registering" and then disappear. You should never see that window again from that point on.

08-19-2008, 06:08 PM
Hi Andy,

Thanks for the reply.

So whenever I start up RMC, I see the notification message, "checking registration", which is followed by "thanks for registering RMC".

However, I can go to "Help", "Enter Activation Code", and pull up the "RMC Register Now!" screen. That's what I'm referring to above: should I be able to see this page, if I'm truly registered? It says "this demo version", etc, so that has me wondering if I'm truly registered or not. If not, perhaps that's why I can't capture the ustream?


Andy Heinlein
08-19-2008, 08:00 PM
Yes, even after you are registered you can still see that screen. This was left there incase you needed to enter in a new code. If you have registered and then select the option to open the registration screen, the registration number will be already filled in letting you know you are registered.

If you mouse over the application in the Windows task bar, it should say if the program is registered successfully or not.

I already told you why UStream wasn't capturing properly in the above post... I am working on getting it to work 100% of the time.

08-25-2008, 12:05 PM
OK, well thanks for clarifying how that registration screen works.

How's the ustream update going? That's my main request for RMC, as I've found a free Mac app that captures YouTube stuff just as well (plus it's easier to use, as it offers the setting to convert the FLV to iTunes format and import, deleting the original file afterwards. Nice touch, as it automatically completes a process that I'd have to do manually with a second converter program, such as Replay Converter or iSqunit).

Anyway, I'd be great to see ustream get worked out for RMC, as Id like to think the $99 program is able to tackle the tougher stuff (like hulu and ustream) that the free app can't ... ;)