View Full Version : An I record unattended

01-06-2010, 09:15 AM
Can I record unattended or in the background? I have quite a few Rhapsody tracks to record.
Can I do that during the night with the speakers off? If yes, will it quit by itself? I think I saw a setting to set the duration before it stops recording? OR, can I record in the background, with speakers off, while doing other computer work? Will other sounds like alerts affect the recording? I'm a newbie, so thanks in advance for your help...

01-27-2010, 12:24 PM
In the past I've turned the speakers off and left it to run for up to five hours. Depending on what you're recording it doesn't seem to be a problem. I've been able to do a variety of other things while it's running. I don't have a lot of alerts so the only thing I had to be careful was an embedded YouTube video here and there.