View Full Version : Continuous Play: Skips videos randomly

01-03-2010, 08:27 AM
I have been able to reasonably use Video Capture. One area I am experiencing problems is when recording a series of videos that run back to back, it skips randomly over one, recording maybe a split second and then moves to the next one in the list.

Can you comment on this, if able to resolve or not?
I was recording in Windows Media 9, I have now moved to Mpeg2.

Cheryl Wester
01-03-2010, 06:50 PM
To get the best quality video with Replay Video Capture - especially on slower machines - try the following:

1. Go to Settings, and make sure you are using the MPEG-2 video format. Also, you may want to click on "Recommended Settings" at the top and select the most fitting option according to your pc configuration.

2. Try recording from a smaller video window by resizing your player to 1/4 of your screen, or no more than 480x640 pixels. This won't affect the video quality (since video is scaled UP from smaller sizes to fit a full-screen picture). This will require less computer power to capture, which will make for smoother videos.