View Full Version : Problem converting stream to MP3

12-21-2009, 05:13 PM
If I set up a stream (AM Radio) to "After Recording, Convert to:" MP3 (or any setting other than "Nothing - Leave As Is" Replay blows up as soon as the recording ends - or hits a split - or I manually stop it and select "Save"

the message is one of those "the memory at location ###### could not be read", etc.

When I re-start Replay, it finds unfinished conversion jobs and completes the conversion.

When I'm trying to record a 3 hour show in 15 minute segments (the reson I bought the software) I only get the first segment - because the program blows up.

All I can do is Leave As Is and convert after the fact. That is all manual and there are no MP3 tags.

Tech support doesn't seem to have a clue. They have escalated this to development on 2 occasions and I didn't get any reply after that.