View Full Version : im really lazy so im just reposting this from the ask and record toolbar forum

12-09-2009, 09:59 AM
The toolbar has been great for everything that i have needed, but i have had some issues and i hope they will be looked at when the next update comes out.

i know that this has already come up earlier in the forums, but when recording audio, i need to stream from firefox and click record on internet explorer. not really a big deal to me, but i just thought it was interesting.

for some reason, when i try to record using windows vista audio as opposed to the applian audio driver, it does not record. again, not a big deal.

the only reason i would want to use the windows vista audio setting is because of my big issue. i know that when using the applian audio driver, it detects the silence from the end of a song to create a new song file. the way that this works is wonderful except for one thing. if there is a long enough silence in the middle of a single song, it will create two tracks. i would like to see a setting that can be toggled mid recording to end a track at the detection of silence or record through a silence and continue on the same track.

one last small issue. while using the applian audio driver, it would be nice to have the the same feature from freecorder where the source can be amplified in the settings. i have noticed that myspace has ideal sound level, but other sites do not reach the same level, even at the maximum volume from the site.

but all in all, this has been a wonderful program and i thank you guys for putting it together. it has saved my computer from the death trap known as a torrent, lol.