View Full Version : When I play back the recording the sound jumps or is distorted

10-28-2009, 01:43 PM
When I play back the recording the sound jumps or is distorted. This usually occurs at beginning but sometime continues through the recording. This crackling distortion seems to cycle every couple seconds through the recording. I contacted technical support and tried everything they suggested such as checking for the plug-ins on my Media player, closing all other internet connections, opening to the internet through Replay Music software and nothing works. I even tried temporarily turning off the firewall for Norton Anti virus just to see if that would help. After uninstalling and re-installing several times I donít know else to try to get a clear recording. I have a Windows Vista 64 bit system with an Intel Quad Cord chip.

Mike Christensen
11-05-2009, 03:09 PM
When you contacted technical support, did they ask for an MP3 file that you recorded with Replay Music that is skipping so they can analyze it? If not, please submit a new support ticket and ask them how you can submit a MP3 file.