View Full Version : First Notes (one second) of Each Recorded Song Missing

10-21-2009, 03:48 PM
I am using a registered version of Replay Music (Ver. 3.80) on a powerful Vista 64-bit system and successfully download and tag (usually) songs from Pandora Radio with no real problem except that every recording is missing the first half second or so of music. The result is that every song jumps in on the third or fourth note which is entirely unacceptable for listening to later.

I am using automatic splitting with 300 milliseconds of silence between tracks and a volume cutoff level of 500.

Does anyone have a solution for this...otherwise it is not worth the effort of downloading music if the beginning of every song is missing the first few notes. It's just wrong :rolleyes:

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer.


Cheryl Wester
10-23-2009, 08:48 AM
This is not an issue I have had reported with this version. Please update to our latest version and see if that corrects the issue. Also, adjust the milliseconds to see how that goes for us. If you continue to have an issue submit a support ticket.