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10-20-2009, 08:02 PM
I originally thought this was an Replay AV issue, now I think it's an Replay Converter challenge:

I'm recording a "WinAmp stream" with Replay AV (8.61)

The stream is captured as a .AAC format. I can open this capture file up and hear the audio (Using VLC Player [default] and WinAmp).

Replay AV then attempts to convert the audio file to .MP3 - however the MP3 is a 0kb file (no content). This is also true if i try converting to an .OGG.

Someone else had a similar problem to mine when recording Real Audio:
Replay AV converts real stream to a silent mp3 file
- the solution there was to install "Real Alternative". I have both WinAmp and VLC Player on the same system... Not sure that this solution meets my needs.

"Not coverting Audio Recordings to Mp3" for XM radio. - I know this isn't the same issue, because I'm a Sirius subscriber, and with Replay A/V I successfully recorded the stream as .ASF and it automatically converted it to .MP3.

I attempted to run Replay Converter independently on the .AAC file, but it errors and says, "Replay Converter cannot convert that filetype from C:\xxxx.aac" - Which is why I'm now here :).

Thanks for the help!
(I Searched the forums for '.aac' and 'aac' but no results)

Cheryl Wester
10-21-2009, 10:45 AM
Please submit a ticket to tech support. We will need to see a log file and have more information.

Mike Christensen
11-05-2009, 02:24 PM
Just out of curiosity, if you re-name the extension from .aac to .m4a will it then work?

11-05-2009, 11:35 PM
Just out of curiosity, if you re-name the extension from .aac to .m4a will it then work?
AFAIK you need to mux .AAC into .MP4 using software like mp4box. Then you can rename .MP4 files into .M4A or .M4B and they should work on an iPod.

I recorded the AAC file from

and muxed it with MP4Box GUI. Then I can play the .MP4 file (as well as renamed .M4A and .M4B files)

Because more and more streams use .AAC or (AAC audio only .FLV) streams, it would be nice to have a lossless conversion option.