View Full Version : RVC "Not Responding"

08-18-2009, 08:34 AM
I have recorded a multitude of shorter Quicktime videos since purchasing RVC by setting the output folder and adjusting the record time setting, so RVC will stop recording 3 seconds after the Quicktime video is completed. It worked great...UNTIL NOW!!

Currently, everytime I attempt to record a video, whether I am setting the record time or manually stopping RVC, I am not getting the video. I am getting a "Not Responding" notice from Windows Vista, and it only records about 5 seconds of the video.

This is very frustrating. I have uninstalled and reinstalled. Feedback needed.


I am adding three screen shots from my computer to help clarify the issue I am having. Hopefully I can get a response from someone who had the same issue. It is rare to occur, but it frequent enough to frustrate the hell outta me. The first one is after a normal capture. The second is the first phase of an abnormal capture, where the download is only for a few seconds and RVC stops responding. The third screen capture shows the not responding window. Thanks.




08-20-2009, 05:10 PM
this is really unusual. does it have something to do with the format? are you still trying to record using quicktime format? or this time it is another format?