View Full Version : Multiple Scheduler for At-Large Recorder

06-30-2009, 09:52 AM
At the moment ALR 2.4 only allows for 1 scheduled recording per time.
If I want to record another then I need to manually create a new session,
but only once the current one has completed.
It would be good to allow multiple scheduled recordings, for example:

Record Channel 1 on 01/01/2009 @ 09:00:00 for 32 minutes
Record Channel 2 on 01/01/2009 @ 09:32:00 for 28 minutes
Record Channel 1 on 01/01/2009 @ 10:00:00 for 1 hour 0 minutes

If I could set this up then leave for work, come back and find they are all done.

Add my recording schedules to a list.
When a recording is done, it is removed from the list.
You cannot add a scheduled recording for the past.

I wrote a VB program to do this for my automatic VirtualDub/Slingplayer recordings. Also using AutoHotKey to send keys to these programs.
Start/Stop record, change channels etc.

I guess I will do the same for ALR 2.4 for now...


06-30-2009, 02:14 PM
"To schedule multiple recordings:

* Open a new instance of At-Large Recorder, and set up another recording. You can have several At-Large Recorder windows open simultaneously."

Good enough, but ideally instead of having loads of ALR GUI's open,
it can all be controlled via one instance.
Plus I don't know what the limit is, how many instances can we have open at the same time?