View Full Version : Preventing Pop-ups

05-28-2009, 09:29 AM
Using Vista
While recording Full Screen, I get a message pop-up... something about optimal settings etc...when it does this it reduces the screen I am recording.
I have to select do nothing and do not display message again...and then it stops. However, I have to do it every time I start a new recording.

Problem is, I am recording in order to watch at another time. So I won't know that it happens until later. I don't have time to watch what I am recording until the first pop-up occurs.

Does anyone know how I can turn that off or is there a setting I can do before each recording that will prevent it from happening?

Other than this glitch...the product is a lifesaver! The recordings are for training purposes and right now the only way to view is during business hours.
This will allow my highly paid staff to view "after hours"