View Full Version : Rhapsody - Web Version Not An Option

05-25-2009, 08:57 AM
Dear Applian:

I, like so many others on the forum, have been a long time user and big fan of your product until recently with the transition away from GraceNote. When using my Rhapsody app, track recognition works only about a maximum of 25% of the time (sometimes much less, as little as 0%) despite trying all of the tweaks and adjustments that have been suggested on the forum.

One of the forum's suggested fixes to use web-based Rhapsody is a non-starter. The web version of Rhapsody is vastly inferior to the software-based app in terms of overall performance. It is not an acceptable solution.

Is there a commitment by your company to keep working on a fix to this severe problem for the Rhapsody software app? Or is web-based Rhapsody the final solution?

Can you answer a few more questions please:

- Can Applian establish a new business relationship with Gracenote? If not, why not?

- Can Applian establish a business relationship with a new music data base service that will work with Rhapsody and other apps that are having problems?

- Can Applian work with the current music database provider to make changes that will improve the current performance?


05-26-2009, 02:33 PM
Gracenote probably ended their partnership with Applian under the pressure of the music industry.
I think fighting companies that make it so easy to have loads of Mp3s for free is something they're likely to do.
The same happened to many soundcard manufacturers, suddenly with the last drivers' versions some recording options dissapeared ("What U Hear/Stereo Mix").

They all deny it of course.