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05-10-2009, 07:16 AM
I have this FLV file I've been trying to convert for quite a while. When I use Replay A/V to capture and convert it to MP4, the sound is off. I thought maybe I could convert it to MPEG2 with Replay Converter and then if the sound was still off, I could use VideoRedo to match up the sound with the video, but then I'd get an error. I can't really see the error because I did all this by remote software and the text was small, but it was about some component not working and I had the choice of sending the info to Microsoft or not. I moved the FLV file to the Mac and use VisualHub to change it to MPEG2. After that was done, I checked it out with the preview feature of the Mac and it played fine, but I'd like to convert it to play on my TV with Apple TV or one of the game consoles (XBox or PS3). The strange thing is, if I play the same file on my PC, the sound is on fast forward, while the video plays normally. After converting it with HandBrake to MP4, the same thing happens when I play it on the Apple TV.

Does this sound like something that can be successfully converted to MP4 with Replay Converter? Is there any Applian application that syncs up sound with video on an MP4? I've been using Applian stuff for years, but only use it for basic stuff, so I'm not sure about everything it can do. I don't know if it's against the rules to post URLs here, so I won't, but the FLV file is a 3-hour LittleBigPlanet Marathon from Gamespot that I had originally captured before the game came out. After upgrading the Applian Suite, I figured I'd give it another shot just because it's a challenge. I still haven't seen the whole marathon, so it would be good to see it. I could just watch the FLV file or the MPEG2 file on the Mac, but laptop speakers don't sound very good, so I'd like to watch it on the TV.

Cheryl Wester
05-12-2009, 09:55 AM
Some of the programs you are using I'm not familiar with. Since you are having this issue with this file in different areas it sounds like it could be the fault of the file itself. A suggestion is to convert it to a different format that works with your other software and see if that works.